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Accessibility Doesn't Care About Disability - Just How Accessible is your Event?

It’s never been about what disease, illness, injury or impairment a person has. What is vitally important is that event organisers need to understand the functional and operational impacts of people with accessibility needs. This at minimum means to have a “comparable experience” to those without accessibility needs.

Nick will draw on three distinctly different events from Melbourne Park, all of which have a similar accessibility requirements, that is, extensive permanent and temporary overlay for operations and communications, with a complete focus on accessibility.

The Events
- Andre’ Reiu for the ageing adults with limited mobility;
- The Wiggles where toddlers, stroller and nursing mums are the focus; and
- The Australian Tennis Open Championships where elite parasport athletes showcase their skills.

Nick will share the benefits of creating and implementing an event accessibility plan including increased patronage revenue, positive community image and a safer more accessible facility.

Presented by:

  • Nick Morris - OAM, Dual Paralympian, Director at Morris Goding Access Consulting


Note: Agenda and Speakers Subject to Change