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Moonlight Cinema & Woodford Folk Festival - How Do Hallmark Events Survive and Thrive for Decades?

Events evolve and change over time. Those that continually strengthen their foundations, react to market fluctuations, audience changes, respond to technology and innovation needs, thrive. Not only is it critical to remain spontaneous, but also to have the ability to plan in advance, to stay ahead of the competition and in step with your audience.

Moonlight Cinema were the first to market in Australia, for national outdoor cinemas in the 1990s. Pre strong internet take-up and social media, with increased competition, through changing on-demand streaming habits, Moonlight remains the benchmark. Suzanna Penaflor runs through the Moonlight strategy over the years and into the future.

One of Australia's premier hallmark events, Woodford Folk Festival stands in a class of its own. Entering its 34th year, the event entertains 132 000 people annually. Woodfordia is transformed into a village that hosts over 25,000 daily patrons, performers, stallholders, volunteers and organisers. As many as 2,680 volunteers across 162 departments are at the heart of the organisation and contribute to the setup and day-to-day running of the festival. During the event, the festival is actually the 67th largest town in Australia. Amanda Jackes outlines some of the twists and turns this truly unique event has taken.

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