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Miami Dolphins: Event Legacy and Community Engagement - What is your event leaving behind?

What are the social benefits we are missing out on by not engaging our event communities in regular volunteering opportunities?

Fortunately, in USA, engaging a legacy volunteer workforce is less of a ‘nice to have’ and it is now becoming a key priority for cities and event organisations to execute a thorough workforce management plan as part of their bidding process for major events.

In this case study, the team from the Australian based Rosterfy team, will detail their work with the Miami Dolphins. Through its Special Teams programme, the Miami Dolphins NFL team was able to connect a 20,000-plus-strong database of volunteers to deliver impressive statistics in supporting its local community. It included:

  • 1 million meals packed for the elderly in Miami;

  • 20,000-plus volunteers engaged through the programme;

  • providing $5 million in value to the South Florida community; and

  • now working with Miami Super Bowl 2020 in the lead-up to such a major event.

Why can’t all major event organisations do this? Don't let months of positive engagement finish with the last chord played, last patron out the door or the last fire work display.

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