Great Expectations – Working with Venue Managers

Session Information

We gather three key NSW venues, The Sydney Opera House, Property NSW (Circular Quay / Darling Harbour Precinct) and The Sydney Showgrounds to discuss what they expect of event and experience producers when coming and executing projects within their venue footprint.

The venues will outline some of the key planning and operational elements they are looking for, along with the types of events they currently execute and are looking for event producers to execute in the future.

The venues will also outline key responsibilities and past scenarios that have worked and not worked for them.

Key Outcomes for Attendees

  • What events have been successful in the past at these venues?

  • What events have not been successful and why?

  • What are minimum standards / practices that the venues require from event producers, suppliers and stake-holders?

  • What are the key issues that venues run into when working with producers activating their venues?

  • What events are the venues looking to host in the future?

  • Where do the venues see responsibility lies with themselves and event producers when planning, managing and hosting events?

Presented By

Justine Earl Smith 
Senior Manager, Partnerships & Venues, Property NSW

Heather Clarke 
Manager, Event Operation & Planning, Sydney Opera House

Darryl Jeffrey 
Chief Operating Officer, Sydney Showground