Managing Terror with the right level of resource

Session Information

Managing terrorism risk is a heavy responsibility. In this engaging session, Craig will provide an up to date presentation on terrorism and its impacts on events in NSW. Craig will be presenting information afforded to him by his intelligence clearance and significant experience in this field, as well as his recent information exchange with US Security and Intelligence agencies in San Francisco and Las Vegas, conversations with local government officials and his time at the State Planning Unit for the NSW Police Force. Craig also runs through the most up to date counter-terror tools, techniques and requirements being implemented for diverse event organisations including Star Entertainment Group, Virgin Supercars and Vivid Sydney.

Key outcomes for attendees

  • What are every event producer’s counter-terror requirements at a minimum - no matter the size of the event?

  • What key tools, infrastructure, budget should be in place to combat terrorism?

  • What is the current threat level and what are the expectations for the immediate future?

  • What planning is in place from a higher state / federal level that event producers need to understand?

  • Who can event producers contact and who should they be in contact with when planning their events, and when checking they have all the right elements in place?

  • What have we learned from events overseas and what have we learnt from events locally?

  • What is the current protocol when it comes to target hardening and screening, and what is expected of event stakeholders?

  • What should you do if there is an incident?

Presented By

Craig Sheridan
Lead Security & Risk Advisor, Vivid Sydney 2018