Session Information

In this session, Frank will join us via video, detailing his work as the event director for nine Super Bowl events from 2004 - 2014. Although the Super Bowl presents as a similar event each year to a television audience of up to 114.4 million people, the event itself changes dramatically annually. Each year the venue and city changes, and a new event team of to 19,500 people whom Frank has never worked with before need to be engaged in order to run the event. This includes city officials, police, ticketing, concierge, concession and multiple event managers.

Frank will detail the planning, techniques, training and dynamics employed to get the new team in place and ready to roll out the event annually. Frank will walk through a number of scenarios that detail just how important it is to engage all the people involved in your event, especially those that are front-facing to your event audience.

Key Outcomes For Attendees

  • How to you effectively engage a large multi-agency and multi-company working group to effectively run your event?
  • How do you get buy in?
  • How do you maintain effective customer service and customer experience at your event?
  • What implications does this have for small, medium and large-scale events?
  • What were some of the examples that worked at the Super Bowl? What examples did not work?

Presented By

Frank Supovitz
President & Chief Experience Officer, Fast Traffic Events & Entertainment
Former Senior Vice President Events, NFL
Former Group Vice President Events & Entertainment, NHL