Craig Anderson

CEO, Shark Mitigation Systems

Craig is a passionate surfer and water sports enthusiast. He has a strong background in developing and commercializing new ventures and the management of significant corporations. Craig is a tertiary
qualified scientist with a background in a significant number of primary production commodities in Australia and Asia, and is the co-founder of ASX listed Smart Marine Systems Ltd.

Following the rapid increase in shark attacks a decade ago, Craig commenced a quest to research and innovate technology that permits water users to safely enjoy the ocean. Initial innovation was developed from research undertaken in partnership with the University of Western Australia on the visual systems of large predatory sharks, which is now being incorporated into the design of swimming apparel and watercraft. The company then turned its attention to developing a beach scale marine monitoring system that autonomously detects and alerts of the presence of sharks in real time. This product is called Clever Buoy and is currently being commercialised globally for swimming beaches, hotel resorts and sporting events such as surfing, open water swimming and triathlons. The Clever Buoy provides an important data measurement and distribution platform for a variety of environmental factors such as wind, wave and temperature, as well as pollution and contaminant data in real time that has application not only to beach users but also to governments and research agencies responsible for the management of our oceans.

The company is now being utilised at a number of locations and special events globally to assist organisers in managing key risks that pertain to undertaking activities in the ocean to ensure that the risks are minimised and that appropriate response mechanisms are implemented.