Events and Experiences

The Event Summit is a one-day, region based conference for the event and experience industry.

Based on the planning, management and execution of events at a best practice level, the Summit showcases the most relevant topics affecting the industry currently and those in the immediate future.

The Event Summit Agenda is concise and fast flowing, we do not have 'panels' as such; rather we have sessions with pre-structured formats, leading to actionable outcomes for attendees; outcomes that can be applied immediately to any organisation or business.

The Event Summit is held during the staging of major events, immersing attendees, partners and speakers into an event framework.

Whilst detailing elements unique to each region, the Summit also includes national and international organisations, businesses, speakers and agenda items to provide comparison and benchmarking.

The Event Summit also aims to detail the understanding, harnessing and and application of the principles of risk management to events. As we are faced with greater challenges and changing audience behaviours, we want the event and experience industry to flourish. 

We want our attendees to grow their business and organisations, understand and confidently take risk so it doesn't infringe on creativity, first to market concepts and breaking new ground in the event and experience space.


Curriculum Director

Content Director