John Vanderveen

CEO, Liquor & Gaming Solutions
Former Senior Inspector, ILGR NSW

John Van der Veen is a former NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing (OLGR) Inspector, having worked in that role for almost a decade.

In his time with OLGR John witnesses massive legislative reform including the implementation of the “three strikes” and Minors Sanction Scheme.

As an Inspector John frequently conducted inspections of music festivals and other public events, and has a wealth of experience with the industry changes over the last decade.

John founded Liquor and Gaming Solutions Pty Ltd in July 2016 when OLGR withdrew from regional NSW.  Since that time John has been assisting festival organisers to plan and run safe events that are consistent with the expectations, needs and aspirations of the community.

Since retiring from public service John has consulted to organisations such as Sydney Festival, Oktoberfest in the Gardens, Throttle roll, Long Jetty Street Festival, Snow Tunes, Sydney City Limits, Under the Southern Stars, and many more