Luke Anear

CEO and Founder, SafetyCulture

As SafetyCulture's Founder & CEO, Luke is responsible for the day to day management of SafetyCulture. He works closely with the software engineering teams and drives the innovation behind the SafetyCulture products.

Luke was a workers compensation investigator and practice manager for Lee Kelly & Associates in Sydney until 2002. Luke also worked as a lead investigator for the Music Industry Piracy Investigation Unit (MIPI) and was involved in complex investigations with the Australian Government Solicitor's Office.

After witnessing the cost of workplace accidents to thousands of victims, their families and their employers, Luke began developing a system for managing safety in the workplace and in 2004 that concept became a reality.

Luke has presented keynotes and presentations to conferences and companies across the world.

Today, Luke is focused on empowering workers with resources and information to work safer, and remove the cost burdens associated with workplace safety.