Michael Bray

Superintendent Manager, State Planning Unit, Clinical Operations, NSW Ambulance

Prior to becoming a paramedic in 1990, I worked in the logistics area and as a foundation, this has assisted me through my ambulance career.

Having 28 years’ service with NSW Ambulance I have been an operational on road paramedic, Control Centre Officer and Supervisor, Executive Staff Officer to the Deputy Chief Executive and Operations Manager for the South Coast of NSW (Helensburgh – Eden) and then South West Sydney & Illawarra/Shoalhaven. I subsequently returned to State Headquarters filling various roles and I am currently the Manager of the NSW Ambulance State Planning Unit working in the directorate of Counter Terrorism & Emergency Management.

I am passionate about ensuring that promoters, Land Holders and Event Organisers adequately resource their event health requirements from a safety perspective. I believe that an event must ensure that in most circumstances their requirements for Ambulance Services does not impact the surrounding community.