CEO & Director, EMS Event Medical

Mike Hammond (RN, PAR, RCSEd - P5, C-EM, MAREMT, MANZCP, MGMCCS) is the CEO and Director of EMS Event Medical, an Australian event medical company that supplies holistic healthcare teams of paramedics, nurses, and doctors to high risk mass gathering events around Australia; specialising in large events and festivals, sports events, Film and TV and much more.


With over 30 years’ experience as a registered nurse, a registered paramedic, educator, medical manager, and emergency public safety advisor, Mike brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Join Mike Hammond for an interactive and dynamic session focussing on the unique role, demands, and benefits of event medicine and the introduction of EMS Assist, an APP to send an instant request for assistance at Events.


From pre-planning to execution, join Mike as he not only outlines best practices in event and mass gathering medicine; but combines this with powerful anecdotes and data collected from event medicine and mass gathering medical care in Australia.

Mike will be outlining the paradigm shift required when providing effective event medical services in a collaborative and symbiotic relationship with promoters and event organisers.