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Member of the Legislative Council
Shadow Minister for Gaming and Racing Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events Shadow Minister for the Night Time Economy and Music Shadow Minister for Forestry
Member of the Australian Labor Party

Political Party Activity

Prior to his election he served for six years as the Assistant General Secretary for the NSW Labor Party. He has worked as an advisor to state governments in NSW and Queensland, including working as the Deputy Chief of Staff to Premier Nathan Rees. He has also worked in the higher education sector and for the Finance Sector Union. Mr Graham has been a member of the Labor party since 1991. He is a founder of Labor Loves Live Music. He has been a conference delegate to NSW and National Labor conferences, as well as a member of the Administrative, Credentials, Rules and International Relations committees of the Labor party.

Qualifications, Occupations and Interests

Bachelor of Economics (Social Sciences) from the University of Sydney, following his graduation from Newcastle High. Mr Graham's areas of interest include economic justice and inequality, the environment, education and public libraries. His other interests include reading, walking and cycling, live music and the arts.