Fairfax – Risk profiling A portfolio of over 50 events

Session Information

Fairfax Events organise and deliver over 50 consumer events annually including several flagship events: The Sun-Herald City2Surf, the Night Noodle Markets, the Financial Review Business Summit, Kidtopia and Open Air Cinema.

As one of the largest consumer events businesses in Australia, Fairfax Events recognised the need to introduce 'risk profiling' to its portfolio of over 50 consumer events. The aim was to evaluate which events posed the highest risk to Fairfax as a corporate entity and to put appropriate plans in place to mitigate risk accordingly.

In this session, the Fairfax management team will outline the approach they took to risk-profile the diverse range of events within their portfolio and the actions they undertook following the review.

Key outcomes for attendees

  • What were the main risk factors the team identified?

  • What were the events with the highest risk profile?

  • What processes did the team put in place and how did this affect their resourcing, budgeting, creative and conceptual delivery, and customer experience?

Presented By

Christopher Secker
Operations Director, Fairfax Media Events

Katherine Goldsworthy
Head of OHS, Fairfax Media Events

Matt Spiller
Head of Logistics, Fairfax Media Events