Reducing The Risk Of Shark Attacks

Session Information

How do you manage the unpredictable nature of an event environment? Event stakeholders are faced with a range of uncertainties and often have to develop and invent first to market concepts to control risks around events as risks, participation and event elements change. 

One company that has responded to perceived risks for water based events are the team at Smart Marine. The process for detecting, monitoring and deterring sharks is a fluid and technologically driven pursuit for Shark Mitigation systems. The Smart Marine team details the technology and planning around the various elements of their systems, including scenarios within events that have continued the evolution of the products. The team detail how this system is being put in place to manage risk at a number of water based events – swims, triathalons, surfing, social and other water based events. The team also outlines where they have been effective and how they continue to improve the operation of this system at events.

Key Outcomes For Attendees

  • How can technology be harnessed to assist with managing risks in the event environment?

  • What was the process for assessing and creating the Clever Buoy technology?

  • What were some of the key findings when developing the system?

  • At what point was the system deployed for use in events and what were the findings in the live environment?

  • What parallels can be drawn to other event environments and the management of unpredictable risks?

Presented By

Craig Anderson
CEO, Smart Marine Systems